While ActionScam is all about the cure, prevention is always better.

Banks will always claim that they take fraud very seriously. The reality is that banks do not take fraud seriously enough. Banks absolutely need to do more, and the primary aim of ActionScam is to force banks to meet the demands of their own customers who, despite enjoying the benefits and advances in banking technologies, are more vulnerable to financial losses than ever before.

The problem with scams is that when it happens to you, it always seems to be somebody else's problem. Nobody wants to help, and those that show half an interest usually tell you that there's nothing you can do anyway. At ActionScam, we are here to help.

we recover money for victims of scams

ActionFraud takes notes, ActionScam takes action. ActionFraud studies incoming fraud reports and makes a decision to disseminate to a specific police force - or not. Our mission at ActionScam is to do precisely what victims want: Take action, get the money back. The primary focus of our business is to recover money for victims of scams, most commonly those involving bank transfer fraud. The scam itself is the crime, the bank is the facilitator of the crime whether it knows it or not. For there to be a transfer, there usually has to be a bank. That's where most of the problems begin and end.


cracking down on financial crime

Our mission is wider than just recovering money for victims of bank transfer fraud however. We are the UK's biggest independent provider of financial crime intelligence to all major banks. We predict crimes before they happen, so that when they do happen, victims can turn to us for evidence that a given bank was aware of transfer fraud before it took place. Our objective is to prevent this kind of fraud from taking place, by neutralising bank accounts that are known by us to be used exclusively for fraud, theft and money laundering.


our mission

On a wider scale our mission is to raise standards of banking regulation so that for the first time the volume, scale and frequency of financial crime heads south. Since the birth of online banking financial crime has increased at a faster and stronger rate than any other kind of crime. Our mission is to turn this trend around, by bringing about changes to bank account opening procedures which, bizarrely, have actually weakened and become more vulnerable as online fraud has expanded.

Communications by email and text message only

The transfer of funds from one bank account to another is here to stay for the foreseeable future. What is urgently needed is a radical change in the security of these transfers. By making banks more accountable for their own negligence, we will eventually see new standards of banking practices. As things stand today, the cost to the banks of fixing the problem is greater than the cost of the problem itself, so our mission is to turn this around and make the solution more cost-effective.


more security. more prevention. more recovery

These things will come but only with action. In the world of online financial crime, ActionScam's mission is to make these dreams a reality.