An indemnity claim is an instruction to recall the transferred money from the receiving bank back to the sending bank.

This can only be successfully implemented if the funds have not been withdrawn by the beneficiary, so rapid action is essential.

The second action that a scam victim should take is to report the crime to ActionFraud, which is the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. It is not an investigating centre however, and you may need to hope that the crime is disseminated to an appropriate police constabulary in order that the events can be fully investigated. Often this can take several weeks and even months and in some cases no action is taken at all, mainly due to a lack of police resources.

The third action to take is to contact ActionScam. Unlike ActionFraud and the police, whose objective is to catch criminals, we only have an interest in the financial side of the crime, that being the recovery of the stolen money. There is normally no urgency in this respect. We can investigate bank transfer fraud up to six years after the event.


Seen a scam vehicle listing?

If you have seen a scam vehicle listing, you can report it to the counter-fraud team by joining the Facebook Group EVSA affiliated to ActionScam that is dedicated to reporting scams.