Alan, 59, from Dorset

“Jack has worked really hard on my case and to be honest I was worried at first. But after many emails Jack reassured me that we would win. Jack must be very busy to work on so many cases at once, he must be a truly professional person. For those who are waiting don’t despair, Jack will win. He did for me. Good work Jack and very determined.”

BRIAN, 51, from Oxfordshire

“I got scammed on a VW T5 Transporter. You said you would take action and that’s exactly what you did. I have today received a cheque from Barclays Bank for £6,309.05. Thanks for everything.”

Tom, 34, from cheshire

“The one and only light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Absolute admiration for Jack Buster. What he does is personal for those in dire need of help. The amount of work and determination Jack puts in is vast and tenacious. He helped my wife, myself and our little girl to get out of a really dark hole. I will always be thankful and very grateful – he is one in 7 billion!”

Jacqui, 39, from yorkshire

“Jack got us our money back! I understand that once you’ve been scammed it can be a bit scary to place your trust in someone else, but I can recommend Jack Buster to everyone, nothing to lose and a lot to gain.”

Courtney, 27, from devon

“We lost £3,700 on Ebay in connection with a Volkswagen T5 scam and came across Jack Buster’s name. He reassured us he would get our money back. He kept us informed and kept in touch with us throughout until we got the news we had been waiting for: WE WERE GETTING OUR MONEY BACK! Plus compensation. Jack never gave up and told us to be patient.Thank you for everything Jack Buster.”

JAMES, 23, from West Midlands

“Thank you for everything that you have done for me. £9,200 back in the bank! You have changed my family’s lives.”

SALLY, 35, from Hampshire

“Thank you so much Jack, this was the best thing I could have done. I got all of my money back and the interest added on was an unexpected bonus.”

JOHN, 48, from Tyne and Wear

“When it seems that nobody cares, ask Jack. That’s what we did. He got every penny back. He said he would and that’s what he delivered”.

Rukesh, 32, from norfolk

“Nervous newcomers don’t need to worry – I know how it feels when you have been scammed. It’s so stressful when you lose a lot of money. After I lost all my savings in an Audi A4 scam on Gumtree I found Jack Buster and contacted him the next day. We had a conversation and he made me relax, he said he would get my money back – and that’s exactly what he did. So don’t worry – be calm, be patient, Jack can get your money back.”

Wendy, 41, from staffordshire

“What a fantastic outcome! We lost every penny on a Swift Sundance motorhome scam on eBay. Thanks to Jack we got every penny back and we have been able to re-live our dream as a result. We are much indebted to Jack Buster and I am more than happy to give a word of endorsement to anyone who is sceptical. Many thanks once again.”