In July 2015 the emphasis shifted to the banks that facilitate transfer fraud.

It was and still is clear that UK banking regulations are far from up-to-date in being able to cope with the emerging criminal methodologies online, and the Buster Jack/Jack Buster projects that were to be re-named ActionScam became the first and still only organisation that specialises in the recovery of monies lost to bank transfer fraud.


Building a strong reputation in business has never been easy but in today's social media based world it is at least easier to reach a large number of people in a relatively short time, and it is evident that the scale of the problem of bank transfer fraud is more serious than has been reported in the media. ActionScam has a unique relationship with all of the participants in this virtual over- and under-world, with the police, the banks, the regulators and even the perpetrators of the crimes. We communicate with all those who play a part.


ActionScam means action against scam in two fundamental ways.

First we use our growing network of 'scambusters' to prevent the crimes happening in the first place, because we have always known that prevention is better than cure. When prevention fails and a new victim comes forward, we take action of a kind that is very difficult to find anywhere else. We aim to get their money back.

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ActionScam was founded by Jack Buster, who has spent most of his career working in financial services in the UK, Japan and Switzerland. In April 2013 he started scambusting - getting vehicle scam listings removed from eBay UK and Gumtree UK - and in July 2015 he added bankbusting: shutting down the bank accounts of organised crime gangs.


Following a tip-off from a banking insider, he realised that it was possible to recover losses from bank transfer fraud. Initially the focus was on the victim's own bank but Jack soon realised that there were ways to provide evidence of banking negligence against the receiving bank, and in March 2016 he established BankBusters, which is a group of volunteers who obtain fraudulent bank account details directly from the criminals who set them up.

By passing this financial intelligence on to banks, the police and the financial regulators, these accounts can be closed down within minutes. In addition, the same intelligence can be used as evidence against a receiving bank in fraud recovery operations. Jack Buster has featured in several national newspapers in the UK, on BBC Radio 4 and 5Live and on numerous BBC, ITV, STV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 television programmes highlighting automated push payment fraud