In the majority of cases of bank transfer fraud, one or other of the banks involved in the transfer acts with negligence and non-compliance.

If this can be presented thoroughly with supporting evidence, either the bank will acknowledge liability or the Financial Ombudsman Service will be appointed to pass judgement.

If the Ombudsman's ruling is that the bank did nothing wrong, then the complainant can take the bank to court. ActionScam can offer assistance in the recovery of losses incurred from a variety of online or telephone scams. These include:-

  • Vehicle Fraud
  • Boiler Room Investment Scams
  • Romance Fraud
  • Conveyancing Fraud
  • Vishing
  • CEO Fraud

Some complaints may be served against the sending bank under special circumstances.

The denominator common to most of these frauds is a bank account that was created to facilitate the crime. If a fraud victim made a transfer into a bank account created using forged documents - as is usually the scenario - we will consider taking that case on especially if evidence is provided by the police. It is possible that the victim will need to obtain independent legal advice before entering into any individual pursuit against a bank, but for those unwilling or unable to do this, ActionScam will be able to bring multiple victims into a collective lawsuit so as to bring legal costs down to a realistic level.The Financial Ombudsman Service, at the present time, will not investigate complaints against banks regarding account opening procedures. As a result, taking the bank to court is the only practical option.